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We love to tell stories at INVI! Stories have the power to bring people together and connect our hearts. Here we can connect with you, lead you into our design process, share with you our exciting projects, and together we can celebrate our humble accomplishments.

INVI Showcasing Unique Architectural Styles In 360 Virtual World

MAY 12, 2021

INVI is launching a brand new project called ArchVilla. All architects showcased here are an interpretation by INVI. This study looks at different architects and captures their ethos and/or aesthetics in a 3D 360 virtual immersive experience.


The First Virtual Southern Plains Museum and Cultural Center for Native Americans in Houston

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

INVI had an opportunity to collaborate with the City of Houston and Chance L. Landry, President of the Southern Apache Museum, to design and create the virtual Southern Plains Museum and Culture Center (SPMCC) for Native American Heritage Month.


Graffiti City Park and Virtual Real Estate Leaving your Digital Footprints

AUGUST 02, 2020

Graffiti artists find a way to bring life to the static buildings as architecture takes a simplified approach. The colorful paint parades across the façade of the local corner store or a warehouse, without their consent, the work reaches many audiences.


Reimagine Virtual Art Exhibition in a Physical Space


INVI is honored to take part in The Eye of the Huntress project, collaborating with Alexandra Ray and Catherine Loewe to reimagine and rediscover virtual art exhibitions in a physical space. INVI helps recreate the Le Petit Trianon (San Francisco) residence into a virtual platform, while Alexandra and Catherine curate the art work to present to the audience ...


The Success of a New Startup During COVID-19

JUNE 12, 2020

INVI is a visualization company that started in March of 2020 in Houston, TX, in the midst of the world’s battle against COVID-19, a virus that took over the world.Similar with many people around the world, Afreen and I both suffered from the economic impact from COVID-19. Afreen was furloughed while I received a salary and hour deduction. We both understood the necessary measures our company had to take during these unprecedented times and we knew that many businesses globally will have to take these extreme steps as well.


#ArtForJustice Virtual Museum Launch Commemorating George Floyd and Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

JUNE 08, 2020

INVI recently partnered with FORT BEND County to create a 360 virtual art museum and curated art to commemorate George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement as a sign of immense and heartfelt solidarity. We received an outpouring of artistic submissions from 155 artists from 14 states...


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