INVI Showcasing Unique Architectural Styles In 360 Virtual World

MAY 12, 2021

INVI is launching a brand new project called ArchVilla.

All architects showcased here are an interpretation by INVI. This study looks at different architects and captures their ethos and/or aesthetics in a 3D 360 virtual immersive experience. The ArchVilla created takes you into each of the architect's minds. The architects studied were chosen because they inspire us to design thoughtfully. Each of these architects centers their design around the people that occupy it. Relax by listening to the music. Excite your eyes with the colors. Engage with the people. Learn in a new form.

This project was created to show the potential of expressing our ideas. There is a new medium of 3D worlds that engages the audience using sound, light, and immersive interactions.

INVI invites architecture enthusiasts to explore the world of Architects Mauricio Rocha, Pretch Studio, Raffaello Rosselli, Tatiana Bilbao, and Amale Andraos through INVI’s interpretations!

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