The Success of a New Startup During COVID-19

JUNE 12, 2020

INVI is a visualization company that started in March of 2020 in Houston, TX, in the midst of the world’s battle against COVID-19, a virus that took over the world.

Similar with many people around the world, Afreen and I both suffered from the economic impact from COVID-19. Afreen was furloughed while I received a salary and hour deduction. We both understood the necessary measures our company had to take during these unprecedented times and we knew that many businesses globally will have to take these extreme steps as well.

Since Afreen and I both had more times on our hands, we decided to create a project together that can keep us productive and busy while offering assistance to the world that is in crisis. We developed INVI as an assistance to businesses in the Design and Construction industry who are forced to downsize and do not have the staff capacity to perform the task. INVI becomes a cost-saving and beneficial resource to the industry, helping businesses maintain commitments to their clients.

In the past 3 months, we formed a team of 10 people all over the world in seven different countries (United States, Colombia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Brazil, Armenia, and Egypt). The COVID-19 damaged the entire world and kept all of us physically apart. We created INVI with the idea of helping businesses and also helping the world come together in a different form. INVI becomes a virtual home to many, especially college students who can no longer attend schools and adults who lost their jobs and are forced to be quarantined at home.

Through INVI, all of us continued to stay productive and efficient throughout the battle against COVID-19. We are proud to say we never sat idle and never hesitate to make the best out of any worst situation we are in. The positive outlook we all have along with the passion and desire to grow our knowledge and craft during one of the darkest times in history is something Afreen and I are very grateful to each individual in our team. INVI is not just a project for all of us, but also a virtual home where we share ideas and teach one another. Each individual at INVI brings a layer of their culture and experience into the company and we are always thankful and excited for what the future has for us.

This past weekend INVI partnered with FORT BEND County to create a 360 virtual museum to commemorate George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Artists all over the world and of all age groups were showcased in our Virtual Museum. The project was an absolute success and got a lot of media coverage.

This is a project we completed in 72 hours with a team of 4 women (collaboration between Houston and Colombia). Many hours of working and very few hours of sleeping, this has been a very meaningful project for all of us.

Enter Virtual Museum:

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