Reimagine Virtual Art Exhibition in a Physical Space


INVI is honored to take part in The Eye of the Huntress project, collaborating with Alexandra Ray and Catherine Loewe to reimagine and rediscover virtual art exhibitions in a physical space. INVI helps recreate the Le Petit Trianon (San Francisco) residence into a virtual platform, while Alexandra and Catherine curate the art work to present to the audience a more intimate art viewing experience through their eyes.

“Alexandra Ray and Catherine Loewe have partnered from both sides of the pond to bring you The Eye of the Huntress. Having done everything short of having a brick and mortar gallery space, these two impassioned art lovers have combined their talents to launch a new virtual gallery presenting a highly select collection of works by internationally acclaimed artists. With the demise of being able to shop at international Art fairs or even in galleries for the time being, we are providing an alternative way to view and buy art for the connoisseur, collector and art insider. What if you could be sent 20-30 curated artworks worth investing in by sought after artists, every 3 months and have this capsule collection save you months of trawling through various art world websites or weeding through hundreds of gallery newsletters. We aim to bring you distinctive works of art to live with at the press of a button. Embracing the digital technology now available we will be presenting these works in specially selected interiors and exteriors which allow the viewer to imagine living with art at home. We offer a nail to nail service that includes shipping, insurance and installation from the gallery or studio straight to your home.”

Credit: Alexandra Ray and Catherine Loewe

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