The First Virtual Southern Plains Museum and Cultural Center for Native Americans in Houston

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

INVI had an opportunity to collaborate with the City of Houston and Chance L. Landry, President of the Southern Apache Museum, to design and create the virtual Southern Plains Museum and Culture Center (SPMCC) for Native American Heritage Month. Our main purpose is to create a COVID-19 safe environment for the community while sharing the stories and history of the Native American community with the rest of the world.

INVI worked together with Chance L. Landry to design a virtual space that highlights the narrative and symbolic representation of the Native American community. Through the process, we had a chance to learn about the meanings and history behind each flower, plant, symbol, artifact, etc. It gave us an opportunity to not only educate ourselves but also a walk back into the past.

The SPMCC’s design includes program spaces for Southern Apache Museum, American Indian Genocide Museum, Library, Garden, Health Clinic, Aztec Pyramid, and Powwow Arena. Each of these spaces is important to the community, visually representing a part of its history, culture, and resources. The virtual platform is an interactive walk-through experience, allowing visitors to explore and learn at their own pace. Virtual platforms allow for global accessibility from almost anywhere in the world at any time, strengthening our connectivity to the world while maximizing the spread of information and knowledge. We hope that this experience can be shared with friends and family during the days to come.

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