How do we leave our digital footprints in the virtual world?

Graffiti artists find a way to bring life to the static buildings as architecture becomes its canvas. The colorful paint parades across the façade of the local corner store or a warehouse reaching many audiences. The realization of the artwork is controversial. While some graffiti is plastered without permission of the occupants of the building, often graffiti artists are commissioned by the city or the property owner. The work gains attention as it speaks out from in-between the building seams. This type of work is highly physical and transforming it into an interactive digital space is a challenge that INVI is taking on.

INVI begins to ask a series of questions: Through the chaos of the pandemic, how does an artist avoid ceasing to exist? What type of digital footprint can an artist have? How is it different from a traditional website or portfolio? What happens when we create a cityscape as a canvas for Graffiti Artists?

The Graffiti City Park project is an urban virtual environment that allows graffiti artists to showcase, collaborate, and leave their digital footprints in the virtual space. The initiative also encourages museums, galleries, creators, artists, and businesses to lease out these virtual real estates to showcase their work or product, maximizing their global presence in an interactive and one-of-its-kind collective space. INVI would like to re-imagine our digital social connections with an immersive virtual environment where you can have access to art, commerce, knowledge, and information.

Creative Process

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