How do we reimagine virtual art exhibition in a physical space?

INVI participated in The Eye of the Huntress project, collaborating with Alexandra Ray and Catherine Loewe to reimagine and rediscover virtual art exhibitions in a physical space. INVI helps recreate the Le Petit Trianon (San Francisco) residence into a virtual platform, while Alexandra and Catherine curate the artwork to present to the audience a more intimate art viewing experience through their eyes. The project is a collaborative effort between London, Los Angeles, and Houston. While in search of a more cost-effective and innovative presentation of a highly selected collection of works by internationally acclaimed artists, Alexandra Ray and Catherine reached out to INVI for a solution. Utilizing our current technology, we were able to present a powerful narrative through Art and Architecture. This effective alternative allows viewers to save time and money while viewing and collecting specially curated artworks in specific virtualized settings. The virtual environment plays a vital role in supporting the presentation of the artwork, moving away from white gallery spaces.

Creative Process

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